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- Over a native MPLS-capable network, we can use the same encapsulation as in VPLS, namely Ethernet over MPLS. There are typically two labels, the inner service MPLS label and the outer transport MPLS label (except for PHP). - Over a non-MPLS IP network, like a data center IP fabric, we can use either a service MPLS label or another identifier.

Metro Ethernet, VPLS and MPLS will all support VoIP effectively. Each service offers a different interface to the enterprise. VPLS is the simplest solution, but MPLS has larger growth potential The VPLS & MPLS IP VPN Buyers Field Guide Selecting VPLS & MPLS VPN services – VPNs and the Layer 3 vs Layer 2 question Layer 2 VPLS IP VPN Services (Virtual Private LAN Service) The question of whether or not organisations should procure a layer 3 MPLS VPN solution vs the VPLS layer 2 counterpart is one we are asked about a fair amount at our workshops. The two capabilities offer Difference Between MPLS and VPLS | Compare the Difference

Solved: Hi, I read an atricles on an internet but still bit confused for the use and defination of L2 & L3 VPN. Can someone please explain below terms and its usage : 1)L2 MPLS VPN 2)L3 MPLS VPN

In MPLS vs VPN comparison, the drawback is with VPN being overhead (bits used in encryption) and latency which is not substantial in case of MPLS.. In fact, multicast and Dynamic Routing protocol traffic traversal via IPSec tunnels requires the additional overhead of GRE tunnel creation (additional bits used for GRE header).. VPN generally works on the Internet which is cheaper than MPLS Dark Fibre vs MPLS : a guide for businesses | SSE