Hi im having a bit of a problem…..I have two Instagram accounts and one of them I know there’s a link to one of my Facebook accounts and one of them is linked to a very old Facebook account that I can’t remember the email or password to that one and I am just trying to figure out how to log in while just using the Instagram username

2019-2-19 · 3: Instagram will try and keep you by making suggestions, but if you are determined to leave, re-enter your password in the box below and click Permanently delete my account. [Read more: How to How to delete your Instagram account - Android Authority How to delete an Instagram account (permanently) From a browser, go to Instagram’s dedicated page for deleting accounts. If you are not logged in, you will be asked to do so. Delete or Deactivate – What to do with your old accounts

2020-7-15 · Bored to use Twitter? and want to delete your Twitter account permanently. Lets see how you could do that. How to delete your twitter account in seconds. In this blog post, we'll show the steps of deleting your Twitter account permanently. Please read our post before deleting your account…

2020-7-5 · Time needed: 15 minutes. To delete your Badoo account follow the below steps one by one. Sign in . Sign into your Badoo account using your email ID and password, with which you have registered on the site.. Go To Badoo Profile. Once you have signed in successfully, visit your profile by clicking on your name on the top left side (below Badoo logo).


My old Instagram account rgarver** that I no longer have