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Solved: can i transfer my sims 4 game from xbox one to pc How can we reproduce this experience? make it available please ‌ i have bought 9 packs in the game spending well over a few hundred dollars on my xbox one game and i would like to transfer that same game to my PC to not spend all that money over again. so if there is any way to transfer that game save i would love to know thank you. How to Transfer Your GTA 5 Online Character from PS3 or Nov 18, 2014 How to Transfer Your 'Destiny' Character

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You can check whether you have the digital licence for an Xbox 360 game by visiting your order history. To see whether an Xbox 360 game is available to play on the Xbox One, see the Xbox One backward compatibility FAQ. Can you flip your Xbox account to a One even after the 360 is dropped tomorrow? Question So I’m a bit afraid that I won’t be able to switch my account to a new Xbox One (my previous one died back in January) when the 360 is dropped later tonight. 1 day ago · However, you aren’t required to specifically use an Xbox One controller — Xbox 360 controllers work just fine with streaming in Windows 10. Even more, you can purchase a wired Xbox 360 or Xbox Jul 02, 2020 · So, if you copped it before it was removed, you can play it as much as you want, but now it appears there's no way to buy the game on Xbox 360 and Xbox One, at least on the Microsoft Store.

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