Sep 26, 2016 · Private Internet Access VPN Settings. You can open the settings by right-clicking on the Private Internet Access icon in the Windows system tray area. Please note that you can only access the settings if you are not connected to the VPN at that time. If you are, you need to disconnect first before you can do so.

OpenDNS and Private Internet Access VPN – OpenDNS I have Private Internet Access VPN service (PIA) on my laptop. I have the OpenDNS DNS configurations on my Netgear router (the "208" adresses). I notice that when I'm NOT connected to the PIA VPN, the OpenDNS phising site is blocked. However, when I AM connected to PIA VPN… How to use Private Internet Access VPN - VPN University Private Internet Access (PIA) is an incredibly popular privacy tool for torrents and p2p downloaders. This guide will examine the strengths and weaknesses of choosing PIA for torrents. We’ll also give you step-by-step instructions on how to configure PIA and your torrent client for optimal privacy, and to minimize IP leaks.. No matter what type of device you use for torrenting (PC, Mac Private Internet Access VPN Review: Cheap, Fast & Secure Jul 17, 2020

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When using the PIA Windows client, it will force all traffic through the tunnel including DNS requests, regardless of what static DNS servers you have set. PIA – Protect your privacy with a VPN Tunnel This VPN also provides vital features for anonymity such as DNS protection and a Kill Switch. PIA also ensures a better browsing experience by supplying protection from malware and ads. We all know how annoying ads are and how dangerous malware is, so these are great features to have. I don't know what PIA have been doing the last few months, but it has finally been on par with my old VPN that costs 3x as much. I can hardly tell the difference between using Astrill and PIA now. At first, PIA would take ages to connect to any site. The PIA setup tool hides the "DNS Leak" parameter (I am not sure if this was intentional or an HTML error which I found in their client). However, if you change the value in their configuration parameters directly, for DNS Leak protection, nothing changes. Your DNS resolver addresses are set to PIA's when you connect to the VPN.