Now, for my problem with the R7000: I keep having random disconnects. During this time, the internet totally cuts off. The Genie tells me my internet has disconnected. It then resumes normal operation within like 5 or maybe 8 seconds. This happens from once to three times ever hour. I tried upgrading firmware, and custom firmware.

How to keep your iPhone from repeatedly dropping Wi-Fi You either never get this problem or you get it so often that it's extremely irritating. If your iPhone keeps switching back to 4G cell when you know you're on a Wi-Fi network, this is what you Centurylink - Disconnects all the time - So Pissed off Jun 19, 2011 Wi-fi repeatedly connects and disconnects | AT&T Community Dec 08, 2015

Wi-Fi repeatedly connects and disconnects: Problem: Wi-Fi frequently disconnects and then automatically reconnects. To do this, perform the following: Click the network icon on the taskbar and click Network & Internet settings > Status > Network reset > …

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The Microsoft Outlook 2013 client, Microsoft Outlook 2010 client, or Microsoft Outlook 2007 client disconnects from the server that is running Microsoft Exchange Server 2013. Shortly after the disconnection, the client reconnects to the Exchange server. This behavior continues repeatedly. Symptom 2 The MSExchangeRpcProxyAppPool is continually How to Fix 'Mouse Randomly Disconnecting and Reconnecting