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VPN Concentrator tunneling is only officially supported for passthrough/concentrator mode MX devices so it is important to ensure your MX is in passthrough/concentrator mode for this feature to work correctly. For additional information on how to set this up, please refer to this section. Cisco VPN 3000 Series Concentrator - Virginia State Police Cisco VPN 3030 Concentrator The Cisco VPN 3030 Concentrator is a VPN platform designed for medium to large organizations with bandwidth requirements from full T1/E1 through T3/E3(50 Mbps maximum performance) and up to 1500 simultaneous sessions. Specialized SEP modules perform hardware-based acceleration. What is a VPN Concentrator? - Definition from Techopedia A VPN concentrator is a type of networking device that provides secure creation of VPN connections and delivery of messages between VPN nodes. It is a type of router device, built specifically for creating and managing VPN communication infrastructures. Techopedia explains VPN Concentrator Site to Site VPN Between Cisco VPN Concentrator and Router

A VPN concentrator primarily adds the capabilities of a VPN router by adding advanced data and network security to the communications. It has the ability to create and manage a large quantity of VPN tunnels. A VPN concentrator is typically used for creating site-to-site VPN architectures. It can: Establish and configure tunnels; Authenticate users

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VPN Concentrator I have a bunch of Meraki APs that are on our corporate LAN that I would like to deploy a guest internet SSID to. Unfortunately, being on the corporate network, I'm unable to easily segregate that guest traffic away from the corporate network, without configuring all my switches in between with a new VLAN. Installing CA Certificates for VPN 3000 Series Concentrator To install the CA certificate, begin at the VPN Concentrator Manager Administration | Certificate Management screen. When you begin, there are no entries in the Certificate Authorities, Identity Certificates, SSL Certificates, or Enrollment Status fields. I am migrating from a cisco router with a concentrator 3005 to a pfSense box with the same concentrator. I am using the concentrator for site to site VPNs as well as a VPN gateway with LDAP authentication to our network for workers and it works great - just trying to replace the old router with IOS firewall. Cisco VPN Concentrators Log Management Tool. EventTracker Cisco VPN Concentrators Knowledge Pack.