Dec 28, 2007 · Movies The Top 10 Movies of 2007 A man-eating river beast, a rat who cooks, and the Cannes-winning film you just might get to see after all. By Dana Stevens. Dec 28, 2007 12:37 PM.

Combine it with production by Mark Ronson that references four decades worth of soul music without once ripping it off, and you've got the best song of 2007. Next Top 10 Songs Email Curious to see which films made the cut? Read on to see my picks for the top 5 funniest movies of 2007: 5 – Juno – Though most people saw this film in 2008, it was actually released Christmas day and thus squeezes onto the list of the funniest comedies of 2007 by a few days. Juno was the surprise hit of the year, and featured a brilliant Dec 16, 2010 · Music, Film, TV and Political News Coverage. For psychodrama, Martin Scorsese's Shutter Island.For crime, Ben Affleck's The Town.For political thriller, Roman Polanski's The Ghost Writer.For wit Top 10 Websites - 2007 Once again, the editors of Planetizen are pleased to present our annual list of the 10 best planning, design, and development websites. These 10 sites (along with a few honorable mentions) represent some of the top online resources for those interested in planning, design, and development. Dec 22, 2007 · The Top Ten Anime of 2007. 2007 still delivered a good number of high-quality series and movies for American anime fans to enjoy. With the end of the year approaching, it's time for us to 2007 marked the year of the Coen Brothers. No other film came close to the impressive 358 spots on top 10 lists that No Country for Old Men could be found on, becoming the second Coen brothers movie to top the number one spot (the other being 1996’s Fargo). Meanwhile, Paul Thomas Anderson reached the […] Check out the top 250 movies as rated by IMDb users Like Stars on Earth (2007) 8.3 84. Star Wars: Episode VI - Return of the Jedi (1983) 8.3 85.

The Final Cut (2007 re-release)---$1,171,489: 20: $1,548,502: Oct 5: Warner Bros. false: 264: The Final Season---$1,159,691

Yearly Top Ten Movies (1,401) Sorted by Year of Original Release. LEGEND / BOTTOM. Page 1 of 4 2007: 2: Anderson, Paul Thomas: USA: BD: The Diving Bell and the

Jun 24, 2019 · Top 10 movies of 2008 list topped by The Dark Knight. The best films of 2008 also include The Curious Case of Benjamin Button, The Reader, and Slumdog Millionaire.

Hagen Keller / Sony Pictures Classics #2. The Lives of Others In a Communist dictatorship, the government spies on its own citizens. An East German official (the late, great Ulrich Mü) is assigned to bug the home of some theater people and in the process gets a dose of conscience. Sep 02, 2007 · Movies and TV Top 10 Underappreciated Directorial Debuts You Need To See July 18, 2020 Movies and TV 10 Movies That Are Surprisingly Based On Books July 17, 2020 Music Top 10 Most Underrated Synthwave Songs Of All Time July 17, 2020 History 10 Amazing Ancient Buildings Still In Use Today July 16, 2020 Weird Stuff Top 10 Weird Animal Phobias Jul 28, 2009 · 2007 Movies: A list of movies in theaters + released in 2007. We provide 2007 movie release dates, cast, posters, trailers and ratings. Top movies 2007: Hot Fuzz • Sweeney Todd: The Demon Barber of Fleet Street • The Hunting Party • Blood and Chocolate Dec 21, 2007 · A Year of Good Memories: Bob Boilen's Top Ten CDs for 2007 For the past three weeks, Bob Boilen shuffled music from 2007 on his iPod. In the end, the music he was consistently thrilled with Apr 27, 2008 · Top 10 movies of 2007 for me. are as follow: Juno. Transformers . Die Hard 4. Bourne Ultimatum . Atonement . Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix. Sweeney Todd . There will be blood. ratatouille . no country for old men . hopes this help you dear . by