Apr 10, 2020 · An excellent way to check the ping on some common game servers is the website Game Server Ping. If you know your game server’s IP address, you can plug it in and test it through a third party. Keep in mind that many of these servers are fast so make sure you look at the servers with the highest results.

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What Is Ping and How Ping Affects Your Online Gaming

How to Reduce Ping in Online Games - Kill Ping

Low ping for online games is the basic thing, with which you can play games smoothly. This Ping reducer guide app will help you to reduce the mobile gaming

Too many lost packets during an online game session can potentially cause the game to stall. To some extent, a gamer’s character may act randomly for a few seconds if the packets do not arrive in the correct order. A lower ping is critical for online gaming. Reducing ping times is a determining factor between winning and losing a game online.