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Jul 02, 2020 Best Peerblock Alternative (and Why You Need One Peerblock’s IP Blocking is Inefficient and Ineffective. There are two main issues with the way Peerblock blocks IPs. Blocks Too Many IPs. For starters, it blocks too many. The most popular block lists include as many as 1+ billion IPs. That’s a big chuck of all the IPs on the Internet to begin with. What No One Tells you About Peerblock - Peerblock Dec 05, 2016

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Apr 14, 2020

I-Blocklist distributes lists in standard formats including P2P, DAT, and CIDR. Our lists can be used with software such as PeerBlock, PeerGuardian, iplist, Vuze, Transmission, uTorrent and, pfBlocker. What now? You can view the lists that we distribute on the lists directory page. If you have any questions or comments please contact us.

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