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GitHub - mddub/nightscout-osx-menubar: View Nightscout Nov 03, 2016 Native Swing Menu Bar Support For MacOS X In Java - Stack As I understand you want to rename your application menu shown on the os x menu bar. Well, I didn't find a system property but I found a command line option:-Xdock:name="YourNameHere" that worked for me. macos - Change mac menu bar color - Ask Different Any app on mac os x can hide icons on menu bar? 1. How do I change the Lion menubar selection color? 1. Change Menu-Bar Font? 2. change flag in menu bar to Indian flag. 17. Change delay for auto-hide on menu bar. 1. Using Dark Menu Bar and Dock. 9. Applescript run from menu bar? 1. How to get mac menu bar in Win7 - Windows 7 Help Forums

MenuMeters, created by Alex Harper, adds CPU, storage, memory, and network usage stats right to your Mac OS X menu bar. Each type of meter is completely customizable and can be arranged any way you like. MenuMeters works for any computer running Mac

New in OS X El Capitan: How to Hide the Menu Bar Oct 02, 2015 How to Get Mac OS X's App Dock on Your Windows PC Step 3: Customize the Dock. Right-clicking on the dock will show a small contextual menu where you can enable Magnification, keep the dock locked ("Always on Top"), change the position the dock (great for using the OS X dock and the standard task bar), and add separators between apps. To access more settings, click on "Customize."

Although Finderbar resembles the Mac OS X functionality bar, it leads to Windows folders, files or programs. You may add or remove buttons from the finder bar, by using the Menu Editor.

3 menu bar calendar apps for OS X - CNET 3 menu bar calendar apps for OS X. Add an easily accessible calendar to your Mac's menu bar, either one of two free apps or a paid app that offers more scheduling power. Mac OS X: Add a Basic Calendar to Menu Bar Uncheck Show Date and Time in Menu Bar. Sometimes the little things make all the difference in an operating system. Adding the Day-O Calendar in Mac OS X provides a faster way to easily check a How can I turn off the VPN icon in the menu bar? | Mac Support May 02, 2004 Solved: Remove Adobe Updater from OS X menu bar? - Adobe