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The 50 Best Horror Movies on Shudder – 2020 Audition Takashi Miike may have made over 100 movies, but this one’s the best of them all. His 1999 thriller/horror adaptation of Ryu Murakami’s book is not only terrifying, but it proved that The 100 Best Horror Movies of All Time - Paste Oct 14, 2019 Members of r/horror, what would you consider the "best For me, I'd consider The Texas Chain Saw Massacre to be the best horror movie ever made. Between the acting and the cinematography and the layers upon layers of subtext in the film, and of course the iconic chainsaw dance at the end, I think it's definitely what I'd consider a perfect horror movie. 1 comment.

Oct 14, 2019

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The 50 Best Horror Movies on Netflix (July 2020)

It’s a fantastic horror movie with one of the best performances you’ll find on this entire list from Brewer. Candyman (1992) Yes, that Candyman. Before the remake comes out, revisit the 1992 The best horror movies on Amazon Prime available July 2020 2 days ago · Shot on a budget of just $60,000 (coincidentally the same cost as its most obvious influence, The Blair Witch Project), Antrum: The Deadliest Film Ever Made presents itself as a long-lost 1970s arthouse horror flick about two siblings digging a hole to hell. But screenwriter David Amito, who co-directed with Michael Laicini, also augments this supposedly recovered cult curiosity with